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Texas Instruments Software Service Center User Manual

Getting Started

The Texas Instruments Service Center has been designed to help institutions manage their software through a secure, personalized web site. The service provides you and your Account Members with functionality to claim purchased software, generate license numbers, and manage software activations. Additionally, Account Administrators have the ability to easily add, delete or update user information as well as assign user privileges. These flexible administration features help to manage software across your institution.

Claiming Your Software

After purchasing a Volume or Concurrent license of Texas Instruments software, you will receive a Claim Number via email or within your product packaging. You will be directed to the Software Service Center, where you will be asked to sign in:

    If you already have an account, sign in with your email address and password.

    If you do not have an account, click "Create an Account" and complete the registration form.

    If you are not sure if you have an account, click "Password Finder," enter your email address, and click Submit. If you are a member or administrator of an account, you will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password.

After signing in, click the "Redeem Claim Number" link on the left side of the page. Enter the claim number and click the "Redeem" button. Read and accept the License Agreement terms. After a successful redemption, you will see a confirmation page with the details of your software purchase.

You are now ready to generate License Numbers and activate your software.

Software Management

Product List

The "Product List" page shows the products to which your account is entitled, and provides you with the following links for each software title:

    Manage License Numbers – click this link to create and manage license numbers and software activations.

    The "Manage License Numbers" page displays total activations available for the specified software, unallocated activations that have not been assigned to a license number, the activation expiration date (if applicable), and a summary listing of all existing license numbers. This page also allows you to perform the following tasks:

    • Create a new License Number – select New License Number and click the Manage Allocations button. Doing so will allow you to allocate any available activations to the new License Number.
    • Manage Activation Allocation for an existing License Number – select the License Number and click the Manage Allocations button. The following page will allow you to edit the current Allocated Activations and Nickname values for the selected License Number.
    • View License Number and Activation Details – click the License Number for which you want to see details. The License Number Details page displays summary data for the selected License Number as well as all activation instances for the License Number.

    Download Software – click this link to download the installation file(s) for the entitled software. For information regarding deployment or installation of your software please reference installation instructions.

    View License Agreement – click this link to view the license agreement that applies to the entitled software.

Redemption History

The Software Service Center includes an archive of your electronically fulfilled orders. The "Redemption History" page displays a summary listing of your claim number redemptions including the Claim Number, Redemption Date, and Purchase Order Number. Clicking on the Claim Number takes you to the "Manage License Numbers" page for the purchased software.

Redeem Claim Number

When you purchase a volume or concurrent license of Texas Instruments software, a Claim Number will be provided via email or within your product packaging. By submitting your Claim Number on the "Redeem Claim Number" screen, your software will become available for you to configure for activation.

Account Management

The following sections detail the administrative options available to you.

My Profile

It is important to keep the information in your profile current. This information is used to ensure that you and your organization get the most out of your software.

Note: For security reasons, you do not have the ability to change your email address or institution name within My Profile. If for some reason you need to change these, please contact ti-cares@ti.com or go to the Support page for a list of local customer support phone numbers.

Change Password

This page will allow you to change your current password to a new one of your choice.

Account Members

The "Account Members" page allows all members of an account to see the names of other people on your account. In addition, the "Account Members" page is the place where Account Administrators can add, delete, and update member information, or change member privileges.

    Adding/Deleting/Updating Members - If you are an Account Administrator, you can add, delete and update member information for your account.

    To add a new member to your account, select either "A New Address" or one of the existing street addresses for your account from the drop down menu at the top of the page, then click on the "Go to New Member Form" button. Be sure to fill in all required fields within the form. If you don't know a piece of information, simply type "unknown". Once you have submitted the form, the new member will be automatically added to your account and will receive a welcome email to this site. If you created a new address for this member, it will automatically be added to the list of addresses for your account so you can use it again later if you add more members at the same location.

    To delete an existing member, click on "Delete" next to the member's name. You will be asked to confirm that you really want to cancel the membership for that member.

    To update an existing member's information, click on the member's name. You will be presented with the profile of the member where you can make the changes and then click on "Submit". If you leave the profile page without clicking on "Submit" the changes will not be saved.

    Changing Member Privileges - As an Account Administrator, you can also assign other members Administrator privileges. To do so, simply check or uncheck the corresponding box next to the member's name and select "Update Member Privileges". The member's privileges will be automatically updated. You can also change the member's privileges at the bottom of the member's profile page.

    Transferring Administrator Privileges - To transfer Account Administrator privileges to someone else within your organization, go to the "Account Members" page. Click the "Administrator" box next to the name of the member who you want to make the administrator. Uncheck the "Administrator" box next to your own name. When you click on "Update Member Privileges" the administration privileges will be automatically transferred.

    Note: Once you remove your own administrator privileges, you will no longer be able to perform the administrator functions detailed above.

Help & Information

TI Software Installation, Activation, and Deployment User Guide

This guide describes how to install, deploy and activate your Texas Instruments software, including terminology definitions and step-by-step directions.


The “Installation” document outlines the prerequisites needed to deploy and install the TI software and provides the associate files and software for deployment of each license type.


The "FAQs" document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding multi-user license installation and activations.


The "Support" page contains TI-Cares Customer Support contact information.